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Alitech Advertisement And Sponsor Post Page 

Are you searching for the best place to promote your business or service related to guest posts?

Welcome to the solution land. is fully set to publicize your service to the world. 

Before you proceed make sure you should also note that we did not accept free guests or sponsored posts for all services that will be provided on our platform is premium strictly paid service.

 You can always contact us on the details given below.

Note: we do not accept explicit content promotion and while communicating with us, do away with the use of vulgar language else your request won’t be granted. 

Forms of advert

  • Text : if you are using this medium kindly note that only anchor tags or words not more than 30 are allowed.
  • Banner:
  • Audio:
  • Video:

Contact information

Kindly adhere to the above information before contacting us. Your success is our concern.