Aqua Protocol Mining Telegram Here Is How To Earn More Gleam

Aqua Protocol is based on Ton blockchain, a telegram coin which might be one of the reasons they made mining available on telegram where you can earn more Gleam and farm more Aqua coins. 

This project is different from one that you need to keep tapping (tap tap tap) the mining process here is through farming. 

You just have to click on the farm button every 8 hours and you will get to earn Aqua coin and Gleam as your level increases. 

It has been brought to our notice that most people are still looking for Aqua protocol mining telegram links. 

On this page, you should get that which should help you get Aqua protocol referral link that will help you earn more coins. 

About Aqua Protocol 

Aqua protocol is a decentralized lending project that has been said to be supported by Ton blockchain. 

It’s a Project that is present in the Ton Ecosystem and it supports Ton Blockchain 100%.

Since Ton is one of the blockchains that is leading out there at this moment. 

The Many project has been backed on the ecosystem which Aqua protocol is part of the project currently you should be looking into. 

How To Join Aqua Protocol Telegram Mining 

You can call it farming on a telegram app which another sub app is created on the app to make Aqua protocol farming possible. 

Click here to visit the Aqua protocol Mining bot. 

It is called Gleam Aquaprotocol click on the Open app. 

Which the bot stated to help you connect and farm Aqua Points. 

How To Join Aqua Protocol Telegram Mining 

Points that can be converted later to Aqua coins. 

And you also earn some Gleam in the process of Farming or mining Aqua. 

Click the Start Farming Button to enable the bot to start farming Aqua points. 

The Aqua points will be farmed or mine for the next 8 hrs. 

You need to come back to activate the bot in the next 8 hrs. 

You will earn some Gleam to keep farming the Aqua Points doing the farming process. 

You can learn how to earn more Aqua points and Gleam on the AquaProtocol telegram Mining bot below. 

How To Earn More On Aqua Protocol Mining Telegram 

As we said earlier you don’t need to tap to earn on this project called Aqua protocol related to how other telegram bases projects work. 

Once you open the Gleam~Aquaprotocol Bot below the menu section. 

Click on Quests, which will see a link to Quest you can take to earn you more Aqua Points. 

How To Earn More On Aqua Protocol Mining Telegram 

Which ranges from 10000 Aqua points to more or less. 

The tasks are just Telegram Quest and Twitter to follow, join, and retweet some posts. 

You can get that done in a few minutes. 

Another way to earn or farm more Aqua points is to connect your Ton Wallet to the bot. 

After you connect your wallet you help the project with at least 2 Ton. 

You will be granted 1,000,000 Aqua points and 500 Gleam. 

Other ways you can earn or farm more points and get more Gleam is by inviting your friends to Aqua protocol using you or a unique referral link. 

You can learn how to get that done below using the referral link process. 

How To Get Your Aqua Protocol Mining Telegram Link (Referral Link) 

Once you open the Aquaprotocol bot, click on Frens. 

It is present in the menu section below the fourth option from the link. 

From there you will find the Aqua protocol referral link and also the mining telegram link. 

How To Get Your Aqua Protocol Mining Telegram Link (Referral Link) 

You can copy the link or share it directly with your friends. 

As they keep farming you will keep earning more Aqua points as well. 

It is also one of the ways you can earn more Aqua points using the Aquaprotocol telegram mining bot. 

How To Earn More Gleam

Gleam is just one token or coin that has been added as well to the Aqua protocol mining bot. 

Click on the Gleam button you see after you open the Aquaprotocol telegram mining bot. 

How To Earn More Gleam

Then you will see what to do to earn 100 gleams to start. 

That’s just a little you need to know about aqua protocol for now which their launch date is not determined yet. 

To get more updates about the project we recommend you join their telegram channel, the official one provided after you join the farming squads. 

Always come back for more related updates. 

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